Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Wow! Two months since my last post. Time flies when you're chasing kids! The littlest one is 8 months today and crawling everywhere, eating things her brothers dropped on the floor as she goes. My husband was recently diagnosed with diabetes so I'm trying to figure out how to cook for all this. I gotta say, we're eating a lot more vegetables now!

Without further ado, and, mostly so it's not on a scrap of paper for me to lose, our summer bucket list:
Swim lessons
Go to the beach
Go to the lake
Go to the spray park
Play in the sprinkler
Make water bombs and play
Family water gun fight
Go to the zoo
Go to the science museum (brand new dinosaurs! which sounds historically and biologically impossible)
Tie dye
Make a glow lantern
Make chalk paint
Play with puffy paint
Crazy hair with chalk
Condensed milk painting
Make dinosaur feet from kleenex boxes
Make glow-in-the dark something - slime, play-dough, etc
Make play dough
Make moon dough
Paper plate crafts
Handprint crafts
Paper sack crafts
Yard bowling
Build a fort, campout in living room?
Make puppets
Paint faces
Pick grapes
Make ice cream
Make popsicles
Play in the rain (ya know, if it rains this summer)
Have a picnic at the park
Find fireflies
Have a nature scavenger hunt
Mail Morgan a get well package
Buy hoola hoops, let hilarity ensue
Have a red, white, and blue breakfast

This is off the top of my head, totally not organized, and in no way comprehensive. I'll be back to rearrange and add to it later, but it's a start! :)