Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Triangle Party

Hey, fly by post, but I couldn't resist the chance to post to the same challenge as my ├╝ber talented friend Alyssa! (Jaala, we're getting you in on this next time!)

The card is a white mft triangle screen on pti soft stone cardstock. I watercolored several of the triangles with gelatos. The sentiment is an oldie wood mount a muse stamp that I cut into a banner. I wanted to staple it to the actual card, but my beloved tiny attacher doesn't have that much reach. So the smart person would have attached it before gluing the screen to the base, but yeah. The black dots are extra. I never feel like they look right when I do them, but I love them so I just keep on trying. 

Sorry for the crazy photo. This was a really last minute card and laster minute (yeah, I said that) post. And I promise to clean up all the little glue bits showing. Because yeesh.

Thanks for looking!