Thursday, September 22, 2011


It's finally fall! Hooray! It's still 90 degrees here, but we'll just ignore that for the moment. I made a few fall apple crafts to celebrate the demise of summer. I promise to work on my blog photography skills in the coming months, but for now these will have to do.

Apple specimen art using the Martha Stewart apple punch and a ton of paper scraps. I do want to frame it but haven't found an 8x10 cheap enough yet.

These were extremely fun! I saw this awesome Everything Etsy link on pinterest (one of my favorite hangouts lately) which takes you to The Purl Bee's Apple Coaster tutorial. I love projects that you can do while watching tv with your family in the living room. And the only thing I had to buy for the coasters was some green embroidery floss. I love that, too. :) There are three more plain apple coasters in yellow, green, and red, but my horrible photo skills didn't let them all be in the shot. So hooray fall, hooray felt, hooray scraps, hooray apples!


  1. Love the apple art...I've always wanted to do that with butterflies. Sweet felt apple coaeters too. Will have to check out your link.

  2. you are so cute! love apple print would be cute for a teacher!

  3. Those apples are so cute! Thanks for coming to visit the blog, hope things are going just GREAT in Texas!