Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Felt Food!

Every little kid likes play food, right? Ever get hit in the head with a plastic mustard bottle? Not fun. Worry that your toddler is going to (good-naturedly, of course) throw said plastic mustard bottle and hit the baby or the old-lady dog when you have your back turned for 2 seconds? Enter felt food. So soft, so cute, so affordable. Mine is homemade, but you can also buy it. My friend Shay just opened an etsy shop for felt food, she enjoyed making it so much! (Check her out at Gourmet Play Food!)

As you can see, I've made a mish mash of things. Chocolate chip cookies, a fried egg (which I hate in real life!), baby carrots, and a lime. The egg and the carrots I just drew the shapes on the felt free-hand. The lime and the cookies I traced circles. The chocolate chunks were free-handed, too. I sewed everything except the egg white by hand while watching tv or riding in the car. :)

I definitely want more felt food!!! You can see all kinds of awesome creations at Helping Little Hands. I missed the link up, but you can see tons of creative ideas for play food! It kicks plastic's hiney! :)

And now for something completely different, check out the amazing blog candy on Amy Young's blog. There are 4 different candies being offered through Saturday so I can't link it directly, just scroll down. Besides, you will want to catch all of her awesomeness. Her coloring is fabulous and her creations are beyond adorable!


  1. Thanks for the plug. I like your carrots & lime! I have only made a full-sized carrot so far. I should do baby ones very soon.

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment on my robot card in the SCS gallery! I love the felt food, especially the eggs!! I've made felt cookies and bamboo for my toddler's stuffed animals. ;D

  3. These looks great! I haven't tried cookies yet. I love your peas! Thanks for the link. You can still link your felt food up in our party. It was closed for a while before I realized it, but it's back open and I'll be doing another highlight post soon.